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The Social Media Link team makes program design and setup easy for us to manage with our busy schedules, and their back end reporting provides detailed tracking that has enabled us to learn and improve future programs. My team’s budget continues to be scrutinized and while some marketing programs are being reduced, we’ve staunchly defended our spend with Smiley360 because of the consumer trial and awareness we’ve gained through their broad and influential member base.

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The program through Social Media Link’s Smiley360 platform far exceeded our expectations, clearly driving purchase interest not just among the influencers who received the product, but among those who saw the influencers' posts and tweets about it. Where other vendors like to talk a lot about "social activation" and "buzz generation," the Smiley360 program truly delivers, with clearly quantified benchmarks and results. These guys are pros.”

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Three Ways CPG Brands Can Be More Like Lifestyle BrandsIn a meeting last month, the brand manager from a CPG brand at a Fortune 100 company said he did not think his customers would talk eagerly about his brand because it is not a “lifestyle brand.” This is a common concern and hurdle for CPG marketers. The brands they envy are part of the consumer’s everyday life, and, therefore, consumers reference the brands in daily conversations. But how does a seemingly less “talkable” CPG brand reap the benefits that major lifestyle brands enjoy? Direct To Consumer? Start With Your Advocates In a study by Consumer Goods Technology and Wipro, 39% of executives from North American CPG companies said that they believe direct-to-consumer channels drive the most online revenue for their companies. In fact, nearly three out of five digital shoppers say they would shop on a brand site over online retailer sites like because they offer exclusive products. This creates a tremendous opportunity and can shift how CPG manufacturers have been marketing their products for the past 25 years.Social Recommendation Index Mom EditionWhen it comes to purchasing products for their young children, today's moms are bombarded with choices, and inundated with marketing messages and advertisements. What prompts them to buy? In this survey of more than 8,000 moms from the Smiley360 community, we learn how moms make buying decisions, what factors are most influential, and how they rely on their friends and family to help guide their purchases of baby products. To view the full write up, fill out the short form to the right to start your download.Sensitive And Personal Care Brands, Step Boldly Into The Social ConversationSocial media is proving to be fertile ground for brands that help tackle tickly personal care issues. It’s not just the brands that are doing the engaging, it’s consumers, seizing their social media soapboxes to share about delicate subjects.